Textile Club

The WUB Textile club was established in June, 2010 by the students of the textile engineering department under the guidance of the faculty members of the department. Since its inception, it has been organizing several co-curriculum and extra-curriculum events and activities for the benefit of the students and as well as to explore of the department within and outside the university. The notable events so far organized by the club are:

  • Annual anniversary of the department and fresher reception
  • Textile Club Picnic
  • Iftar party
  • Cricket tournament
  • Textile Club Picnic
  • Ekusey Dealika

The Club also published a Magazine titled "Tex World".

In addition to the above-mentioned activities, the members of the club also actively participate in the cultural as well as organizational parts of different events centrally organized by the University. The club and its members have won the following prizes by participating in different intra-university events:

  • Chaitro Sankranti(2010) - First Position
  • Pitha Utshob(2011) - Third Position
  • Chaitro Sankranti(2012) - First Position

The club is presently designing its future activities to emerge as one of the most vibrant students' club at University level within the country.

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