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World University of Bangladesh is committed to treating all students fairly and respectfully in their relationships among faculty, staffs, and administrators. The University encourages an environment in which constructive complaints are valued and contribute to the positive experience of all our students. The University has established an open, fair and accessible Complaints Policy and Procedures designed to encourage prompt resolution at the earliest possible stage. We value our student’s opinions, complaints and feedback in order to make changes and improve our services. Furthermore, the University undertakes to ensure that the interests and well-being of all associated with a complaint are properly safeguarded.


  • This is the University’s formal complaints procedure which is intended to allow students to make a complaint about services, staffs and faculty within the University.
  • This complaint procedure should apply to all formal complaints – including those related to harassment to racial equality.

Complaint Process:

  • A complaint must be made in writing, preferably using the Complaint Form below;
  • Complaints must be filed within five (5) business days from the date of the incident or occurrence which is the subject of the complaint;

NB: Please read the university's rules and regulations which is available at or booklet before you complete the form. You must have tried to resolve your complaint with the concerned coordinators or faculty dean before making a formal complaint to the university. For matters where a resolution is not feasible, a Student can formal complaint to higher authority. And remember, a challenge to an academic decision should be raised as an academic appeal, not a complaint.

If you do not complete all parts of the form or fail to enclose all relevant documents (if any) the investigation into your complaint may be delayed.

For download the form click here

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