Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Division of Student Affairs is in liaison one stops service’s activities are related to the Office of the Registrar, Office of the Exam Controller, Accounts & Development Office, the respective departments, and the Admission & Information Office.

About Batch-change, Study-continue & Course re-registration

For changing batch, to continue studies or even course re-registration, students have to collect the form from front desk at WUB main campus, then fill up the form and submit to Division of the Students Affairs office. After one (1) day, students may collect their completed and fully signed the form from where they submitted it earlier so that they can start studies smoothly or recourses even with their expected batch or schedule. The form needs now to be signed from Controller of Examination, Accounts and Developments Office, Office of the Registrar, respective department's coordinators and Head of the Departments and then submitted with all these signatures to the Division of Student Affairs.

For Clearance Form

Students must obtain a clearance form prior to commencing Internship. The clearance form needs endorsement by several divisions which the student must personally visit to get the necessary clearance. Such form is also needed for withdraw of an original or provisional certificate as well as a transcript.
When students need a clearance form for doing an internship or thesis even non-thesis courses, they must pay all dues to the Accounts and Development Office so that they can get a clearance form. This form will be provided by the Accounts and Development Office after payment of all dues.

About Tuition Fees

Students are required to clear their tuition fees dues (either as a monthly or a semester basis) within the first ten (10) days of the month or each semester to Accounts & Development Office (ADO), otherwise a fine of TK.50.00 (Fifty) shall be imposed for each successive day of default. Students shall not be allowed to use any facilities of WUB if they do not clear up their dues.

Semester Course Re-Registration

After completion of each semester, students must fill up the registration form within two (2) days of new semester commencement. Then the filled form is collected and submitted to the department through Class Representative (CR).This form later needs to be forwarded by the respective departments to the Controller of Examinations.
Students must register themselves for prescribed minimum & a maximum number of credits in the prescribed form in each semester and must pass the examinations of all the courses with prescribed grades before proceeding on to the next semester. Students must be registered full-time and therefore, must take at least 12 credits per semester.


Extra class are available, when the disruptions in class schedule take place due to political violence (i.e. Hartal), or other incidents beyond control or on acts of Allah, or if vacancies fall in schedule of class routines, or if the teacher of the course is staying absent due to sickness or personal reasons, and if teacher needs to offer extra classes for poor performing students.
Students can get information about extra classes through class notice, notice board at the respective department or through the university’s website.
All notifications of university closure or class suspension are available through the website at

For Getting Permission in Examination

Students are required to make an application to the office of the Registrar specifying the cause of this failure to pay dues or to bring admit card in the exam hall. Once the office of the registrar evaluates the case of the student, it is s a decision of the Registrar to grant permission for issue of admit card subject to specific condition.

Understanding CGPA

When result published on the notice board in respective department, students can see and understand their CGPA. If any student fails to see the result during up to notice board he/she must communicate with department’s coordinators. Soon the university e- ------------- system will make it possible for collegiate students to view their result and academic study.
All students of WUB are required to maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.00 for promotion in the 1st semester to 2nd semester. In other cases, students are required minimum CGPA of 2.25 for promotion in the 2nd semester to 3rd as well as promotion for 3rd semester to 4th semester must need to achieve CGPA of 2.50. In essence, students need a minimum CGPA of 2.50 to be considered for graduation from this University.

For withdrawing certificates and official or unofficial documents

When students complete their degree from the university and want to withdraw academic certificate and transcript, he/she is required to write an application to the Controller of the Examination specifying his/her intention to withdraw the candidate’s academic credentials . The candidate must enclose - the clearance form (original), money receipt for withdrawing certificate, three (3) copies passport size photo, photocopy of previous all academic certificate and mark sheet attested by the Registrar in the application. After attachment of all these documents with the application, the students must submit it to Division of Student Affairs and they will specify a date for collection of the certificate and mark sheets. In most cases, it is the description of the Office of the Registrar to decide a return of student’s academic documents.
University provides certificates and papers to students for their necessity, are available for Studentship Certificate, Character Certificate, Equivalence Certificate, Migration Certificate, Testimonial, Internship requesting letter, Recommendation Letter, and Medium of Instruction.
When students want to withdraw original or provisional certificate instead of him/her, the student must make an application called “Letter of Authorization” to the Controller of Examination. And the person, who will receive the certificate and transcript, must enclose his/her one (1) copy of passport size photo and one (1) photocopy of NID or passport with the letter of authorization.

About English Language Proficiency Course

As an American system of Education of the University, students must demonstrate high proficiency in English for listening, reading and writing. That's why university provides the "English Language Proficiency" courses to make students skilled in English for achieving degrees successfully from this University.
On commencement of the first semester of the bachelor program, the respective departments will provide the class schedule to the students for the English Language Proficiency course. Students can then enroll in the English courses.
After completion of the "English Language Proficiency" course successfully, the respective departments will issue notice for receiving the certificate.

Rules-Regulations and Opportunities at WUB

In the orientation program, the university will provide you the booklet containing rules and regulations of WUB which will help you to understand all rules and regulations of the university. You can also meet with the Division of Student Affairs to ask questions concerning information for any queries.
Rules and Regulations of the university are designed for support the University's educational mission and to ensure a safe environment where people can work, study, and live without undue interference. They are also designed to build and support the academic and social community, by teaching student's responsibility and interdependence, and to promote moral and ethical development. Lack of knowledge of the rules and regulations is not an excuse for misconduct. Every student is responsible for knowing the rules and regulations of the university. It is important for you to read the Rules and Regulations of the university provided during the orientation program and also located on the university's website. Also, if you are unsure any policies or rules, ask for clarification to the Division of Student Affairs.
There is no formal dress requirement in the university. Everyday clothes are acceptable attire, however, it is advisable to consider the impression you may give when what to wear in presentations or meetings.
All students of WUB shall enter the university premises showing their ID cards; violation of which shall a fine. And identification cards must be validated each year. The Admission & Information Office provides new ID cards to the class representative (CR) each year upon proof of current enrollment. Moreover, students must wear their ID cards on campus.

Getting Opportunities & Financial Aid

Campus-wide programming is provided by a variety of Clubs on campus including Campus life and Residence Life. Events for students on campus include dances, movies, lecture series and other events. Each year many students are involved in intramural sports. Whether you are interested in cricket, football, table tennis etc. and there are many intramural sports in which to participate. Please discuss and contact with the Division of Student Affairs.
This type of activity is highly encouraged. Conducting assessment projects or other research based on what you have learned will be of great benefit to the office and the student. In most cases, these research work is done during thesis period where students can be submitted their research to Head of Basic Science for publishing in "WUB Center of Excellence." After evaluation for eligibility by the Head of Basic Science, the thesis or research papers will be published in the “WUB Center of Excellence" in ________ with an academic staff of WUB.
WUB features many religious, artistic, activist, publication or hobby student organizations and clubs, as well as various forms of the student government. We have developed a complete list of clubs and organizations on the university's website, and the clubs are Computer Club, Pharmacy Club, Textile Club, Adventure Club, Cultural Club, Sports Club and WUB Photography and Media Club.
There are several ways to get involved on campus. Take a look at the "Clubs & Organizations" page of our website and look for the topics "Engagement & Involvement" at "Student Life" in Division of Student Affairs website bar ( link: ). You can also physically meet with the Division of Student Affairs staff for join club or getting involved.

WUB offers a variety of financial aid including study loan, scholarships, and quotas (i.e. freedom fighter, female, sports, artistic, trivial, and physically disable quotas). For study at WUB in different quota is needed to apply with an application to the Vice-Chancellor of the university before admission.

When a student wants to drop a semester for a short or long period of time due to any reason (i.e. financial, family, personal etc.) he/she must discuss with the respective counselor and Division of Students Affairs so that you can get advice from the university is respect to what sustainable options are available.

About Orientation and Campus Life

Each year the WUB at main campus community welcomes new students to the summer, spring and fall semesters. Orientation has been designed to introduce students to all aspects of campus life with a hands-on program that allows them to experience all that the campus has to offer even before the first day of classes.
Yes! All first-year students should attend Orientation. The information presented during Orientation is critical to your success in your academic career, and this event will help you become more comfortable with your new surroundings.
Students can learn about the campus through campus map in respective campus and they can also learn about all campus locations available at the university’s website at
Of course! The WUB provide a safe, comfortable, secure and nurturing living-learning environment for female students. For more queries discuss with Admission and Information Office staffs.

Student Life

Concerns or complaints about the course content, grading, class requirements or your professor's behavior and teaching methods should be directed first to the coordinators of the department than to the respective Faculty Dean.
If you believe you were discriminated against or any harassed by faculty or staff member, you should review the Guide to Student Right and Responsibilities and you can physically meet with the Division of Student Affairs staff to consult about your rights and procedures available to investigate and resolve the issues.
The Division of Student Affairs is particularly well equipped to help students sort out complex issues and know what office to contact for further help or guidance. Feel free to contact the office with any complex or confidential issues at Division of Student Affairs.
You can always e-mail us at
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