Proctorial Body

The Proctor shall be an officer of the university directly responsible to the Vice-Chancellor, He would be assisted by Assistant Proctors who would be responsible to the Proctor.

  • The following shall be the main duties of a Proctor:
    • He/she shall be responsible for the discipline and conduct of students within the university campus;
    • He/she shall perform such other duties regarding the discipline of students as may be required by the Vice-Chancellor from time to time;
    • The Proctor or one Assistant Proctor shall ordinarily remain in each of the university buildings during university hours for maintaining order and discipline in the university. (The prefect or class representative (C.R.) will be given specific responsibility and will normally be the 1st/2nd boy/girl of the class based on the highest CGPA);
    • The Proctor, if he/she finds necessary, may recommend to the Vice-Chancellor the appointment of a Prefect or Prefects from amongst the senior students to help him maintaining discipline, and order in the university;
    • The Proctor shall take such steps as he/she thinks necessary for the purpose of ensuring disciplined behavior and good conduct on the part of every student at all hours within the university campus;
    • The students of the university will be provided with identity cards, which they must wear with in the campus, failing of which may entail penalties even several times in a day;
    • The Vice-Chancellor may delegate such of his disciplinary power as he may think fit to the Proctor. The Vice-Chancellor shall issue standing orders as to the extent of the power which he delegates to the Proctor;
    • The Proctor shall have power to impose on a student a fine up to TK. 5000/- (Five thousand) at a time for a breach of discipline or misconduct in the University;
    • The Assistant Proctor shall have power to impose on a student a fine not exceeding TK. 3000/- (Three thousand) at a time, for breach of discipline or misconduct and report their action to the Vice-Chancellor through the Proctor;
    • Except recognized club or clubs, no other clubs or societies or student organizations or associations shall be allowed to be formed. No parties or entertainments shall be held within the premises of the university nor shall a student play musical instrument or use a loud speaker in the university premise without, the prior permission of the authority. A breach of this rule will be treated as breach of discipline;
    • The Proctor in consultation with the Vice-Chancellor may take suitable action against any student who will fully damages, disfigures or destroys university properties, or does not observe the rules for facilitating movement within the university and for keeping the university neat and clean and for proper parking of vehicles;
    • Each teacher and officer of the university shall have proctorial power and he/she can use when necessary to take appropriate action for maintaining discipline in the University. Every such action shall be reported to the Vice-Chancellor through the Proctor;
    • In an emergency, the Proctor or any of the Assistant Proctors can seek help of any teacher or employee of the university in the discharge of his duties in the university or outside, at all hours and it shall be the duty of the teachers or employees concerned to give his every reasonable assistance;
  • No student of the university individually or collectively shall declare a "strike" of the university students nor shall student prevent another student of the university from attending the university classes, laboratories or library. A student found guilty of violation of the provisions of this section will be liable to forfeit his/her scholarship, stipend etc. He/she may be expelled for repeating such behavior.
  • No meeting of the students of the university other than the meetings organized by the university or by different departments of the university shall be held in any part of the university without the prior permission of the authority and no demonstration shall be organized within any part of the university. A student found guilty of violation of the provisions of this section will be liable to punishment up to expulsion from the university as well as forfeiture of his/her scholarship/stipend.
  • Student shall not organize any extra or co-curricular activities without written permission from the higher authority.
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