Financial Aid

The Division of Student Affairs’ Financial Aid Office (FAO) provides guidance and financial aid to students who are unable to pursue their education without such help. The Financial Aid Office (FAO) of World University of Bangladesh understands student's need and plan for their future career. We also understand that many families need help for filling in the gap between what they can afford and the education costs needed to pay the university. WUB attaches a high priority to financial aid and the university has a standing commitment to meet the financial need of eligible students. This financial aid programs are administered in accordance with policies and guidelines established by the WUB. This Financial aid could be in the form of academic scholarships, tuition fees waiver, quota based waiver and study loans, where students of WUB can apply in the following categories:

  • Previous academic attainment;
  • Wards of Freedom Fighters of Liberation War;
  • Sports man, Artist, Singer, Performer (Actor, Actress);
  • Female students;
  • Siblings study together at WUB;
  • Scholarships based on academic results per financial need of a student;
  • Siblings study together at WUB;
Who are eligible for Financial Aid at World University of Bangladesh?

World University of Bangladesh awards financial aid in the form of full/partial tuition waiver only to the deserving students who achieve and maintain outstanding academic track records as mentioned below:

  • 70% tuition fee scholarship for who got GPA 5.00 in both SSC or HSC;
  • 100% tuition fee scholarship for who got Golden GPA 5.00 in both SSC or HSC;
  • General students of WUB seeking financial aid must fulfill the minimum criteria i.e. students must maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.50.
  • Financial assistance is also available for siblings i.e. if two brothers or two sisters or one brother and one sister, whatever may be the case, have been studying at WUB, they would be entitled up to 50% tuition waiver on total fees;
  • Students availing in freedom fighter quota must apply formally enclosing with the following documents/details as per requirement of the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs:
    • Attested copy of ‘Shamoik Shonod’ or ‘BAMUSH Shonod’ of the freedom fighter./li>
    • Attested copy of Bangladesh Gazette of the freedom fighter.
    • Attested copy of the National ID card of the freedom fighter.
    • Attested copy of the Birth certificate or SSC certificate of the freedom fighter.
  • Students availing in Sports man, Artist, Singer, Performer (Actor, Actress) quota must apply formally enclosing with the following documents:

Entitlement of freedom fighter quota is subject to verification the documents. Priority may be given to the children of freedom fighter who are Orphan, children of deceased/wounded freedom fighter or whose parents are critically ill. Continuation of freedom fighter facility is subject to satisfactory academic performance at WUB. Graduate students must maintain a minimum CGPA 2.50 at all time for the wards of freedom fighters.

However, students in all the above cases must apply for financial aid formally. The authority may review and change the above conditions from time to time. Continuation of getting such tuition waiver is subject to his/her academic performance and other financial aid policy of WUB as applicable.

Financial Aid "Policies & Guidelines"
  • The minimum eligibility for applying and to maintain financial aid, the students maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.50
  • Students must complete minimum 12 credits to apply for financial assistance.
  • If the waiver recipients drop any semester, whatever may be the case, s/he would not get any benefit beyond the approved period for financial aid. That is, financial waiver would strictly be limited to registration period of time at WUB with effect from the class commencement of his/her first admission. The financial aid would automatically be discontinued after this time-bar.
  • Financial aid will discontinue with immediate effect if recipients are delinquent in any way or if his/her CGPA is less than the requirement or on completion of required credits for degree. Also, if attendance is less than 60% in any semester by the student then the aid shall automatically discontinue for absence. Financial aid would not be extended to 'Retake' any course i.e. if a student retakes any course, s/he would pay fee for that particular subject.
  • Applicants should apply in prescribed form along with necessary papers/documents as applicable on time.
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