Sports Club

The Sports Club is a student-run organization for those who have passion for a particular sport or who want to learn a new sport. The Sport Club program emphasizes leadership, education and service through sports it offers. While all Sport Clubs are competitive, they also stress skill development, team-building and socialization.


  • Providing opportunities to learn new skills, games and activities
  • Offering activities that explore, and push, one's limits while providing stress management opportunities
  • Supporting activities that promote social interaction within the diverse community at the University of WUB students.
  • Providing opportunities that examine, and challenge, the values and life choices of students
  • Offering competitive and recreational settings that facilitate individual and team development

Sports Activities

WUB Sport Club generally arranges some sort for both indoor and outdoor games. Our outdoor sports activities are-

  • Cricket, football, golf, netball etc
  • This club selects the participants from each department for sports competitions or any sports event outside the university.
  • Our club competes the club of other universities in sanctioned leagues, tournaments and matches each year.

Our indoor sports activities are-

  • Badminton, Basketball, Gym, Swimming, table tennis, chess, pool, keram etc
  • Students participate indoor sports completion that gives plenty of scope to do so.
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