Cultural Club

The WUB cultural Club is the medium of social, cultural and recreational activities in the campus. This club has been assisting the students to organize, commemorate and celebrate different types of events and festivals throughout the year. Renowned personalities of our country appreciated such attempts by their graceful presence in many festivals. This club is comprised of repetitive members of each department under the guidance of faculty coordinators.

Purposes/ Goals:

  • Making platform to flourish student’s creativity and to have experience with different ideas.
  • Enhancement of the personal skills and experience like confidence, self-presentation, etc.
  • Practicing traditional cultures.
  • Building patriotic spirits.
  • Strengthen teacher – student relationship.
  • Ekusey Dealika

Our Activities:

  • Annual Cultural Programme
  • Fruit Festival
  • Pitha Festival
  • Chaitra Shankriti and Pahela Baishakh Celebration
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