Adventure Club

The Adventure Club contributes to the educational mission of the university by offering learning opportunities to the students who pursue leadership and try to make the impossible possible and remain indomitable in impediments.


  • To introduce students with natural and hidden beauty of our country through the tours
  • To promote the social life of the members

Our Mission

Our Adventures club’s chief purpose is to engage students in adventure experiences for escape, education and enjoyment. We're here to enhance the student experience. Using adventure in its many forms, we aim to expand and diversify students’ experiences, and provide experimental education that accentuates lessons learned in the future.

Our Adventure Club's Activities

Our activities include social outings like annual tours, charity events, concerts and free medical camps in remote areas. The Club also organizes annual picnic for the interest of students and members of the faculty and management from various walks of life. It helps the students to visit the historical places to highlight cultural profiles of our country. These adventurous activities will develop our student’s ability at an individual and personal level, and allow them to take on greater challenges socially and academically.

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